Monday, 29 October 2012

Cheap NFL Jerseys for sale

New NFL Jerseys are arrival! Nike,Today introduced the 2012 season, NFL professional football league, Nike Elite 51 football rugby jersey - new jersey body best interpretation of the characteristics of the systematic dress.
NFL player Victor - Cruz, Enda Mu hole - the Soviet Union, Fitzgerald, E Lake, this - Ross Ellis Berg, money Bailey, Switzerland - Rice and other players on behalf of the 32 NFL teams. Group Nike president and CEO Mark Parker, Nike Brand President Charlie Denson and NFL president Roger ? Goodell released a highly innovative new jersey. New NFL Jerseys
Parker said: "the NFL is the world's largest professional sports events in the world we know that rugby is always the pursuit of the best, we aim to provide to enhance the performance of innovation, so that people at the same time on the pitch, the stands, the streets can to show . "
Goodell said: the NFL are very pleased to cooperate with Nike and our cooperation will continue our commitment to provide the world's best sports and entertainment experience is the fans and we look forward to Nike will be the game, players and fans brought passion and innovation. "
Adhering to the design and the process from the inside out, the new uniforms designed to create an overall sense, underwear, protective gear, jerseys and shorts complementary with each other. The lightweight brace Direct integrated with underwear critical "impact area". New innovations include the use of fly line technology in the collar to reduce weight and securely locked in protective gear, to increase sleeves convergence to increase range of motion, new four-way stretch structure uniforms streamline the fit close to the skin. New NFL Jerseys
Arizona Cardinals all-star wide receiver Fitzgerald said: "Today's game is a contest of strength and speed. Makes me very excited to participate in the 2012 season, I served the ball both light, fast protection, durable, and can provide targeted as a player, you do not want any interference on the pitch. "
In addition to the use of new materials and performance-oriented design, the teams according to their tradition, choose different design variations. For example, the Chicago Bears in order to continue to pay tribute to George - Halas decided to enlarge GSH three letters on the jersey sleeves. George - Halas is a revolutionary founders of players, coaches and respected team. Seattle Seahawks with Nike cooperation to redesign the whole set of uniforms to express respect to the home of the northwestern United States, and also to pay tribute to the fans. Cheap NFL Jerseys
Nike football design director Todd Van ? Horn said: "Our mission is to provide for the players everything they need and nothing more. Cutting-edge technology and materials, the Nike 40 years of expertise, technology and insights integration work closely with all the teams, to listen to their needs, and to provide the best choice for athletes. "New NFL Jerseys
In accordance with the agreement with the NFL, Nike became the official supplier of NFL jerseys, including court suits, underwear, with clothing and training clothing. 32 team's jersey will be held April 15 in Nike store ( on sale of NFL online store ( and the team website. From April 26, fans can own team store to buy, from April 27 in major retail outlets including Nike store to buy.New NFL Jerseys

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